Friday, July 8, 2011

Losin with Susan -- First Friday

I had a rough start to this diet. After three weeks of eating everything I wanted to eat and being at some great places like NYC where I could get cheesecake that melts in your mouth, I was cranky when I told myself I had to go back to eating good foods.

But when I thought about it I had to ask myself why I was cranky. Seriously. I'm doing something that's good for my health. Yet, here I was rebelling.

I sometimes wonder why we choose to rebel against the things we rebel against. Parental authorty when we're teens. Bosses when we get a little older. Vegetables when we need to lose weight!

Are we nuts?

Or are we just independent?

I'm going to vote for independence run amuck. And there's nothing wrong with running amuck, if you eventually realize you are amuck and get yourself going in the right direction again.

So what got me going? I took out a dress that I bought but never wore because I gained out of it before I had a chance to wear it. It's only ten pounds to get into it, so hanging that dress where I can see it everyday reminds me of a very reachable goal.

Reachable goals are the greatest tools we have for any endeavor that requires discipline. If I look at myself in the mirror and see 40 pounds that need to go, I will melt into a puddle of despair. The goal is too hard to reach. But if I look at that dress and KNOW it's only ten pounds away, perfectly within my reach...well, ladies and gentlemen, that's a goal I can handle. Plus, there's a reward attached. I will get to wear that cute little Liz Claiborne dress!

So look at your own life, your weight, your writing, your work...and see if you can't find a little, reachable goal that you can turn into a stepping stone for attainment of one of your big goals. Something sweet and shiny that you know should be yours!

Happy Friday!



Annette said...

So true, Susan. Small goals are do-able. The overall picture is just too huge, too immense, be it diets or revised manuscripts.

I'm right with you on that 10 pounds. While focusing on my writing and revisions, the treadmill and exercise took a backseat and as a result, I've grown out of my favorite new jeans. AGAIN. So I'm trying to get back on track before 10 pounds turns into 20.

Good luck! Here's hoping we both get to wear our favorite outfits again...SOON.

Susan said...

Amen, Annette!

I have 2 adorable pair of jeans I can't wear...but they'll be my 20 pound goal! LOL


Nicki Salcedo said...

Susan, thanks for sharing. I write better when I take control of my health, eating, and exercising. #RBW is a really good motivator for me. I look forward to reading more from you!

Susan said...

I always feel better too, and write better, when I take care of my health. It's funny how easy it is to forget that when M&M Peanuts call!


Lavinia Kent said...

The small goal idea is exactly right. I am also trying to concentrate on just making the best choice I can in any given situation and on not facing the reality of my life.

My family is going to go out for pancakes for breakfast. It doesn't mean that I need to give up, just that I need to really think about choices and portion size and to realize that I don't need to be perfect, just better at every meal.

Lavinai Kent

Amanda Bonilla said...

Great post! I totally use my skinny clothes as motivation.