Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday ... Dear Readers

On Monday night, as I was ironing my good capris to go to the hospital with my daughter to see her friend's new baby, I realized life is nothing if not full of irony and contradiction.

Only twenty-four hours before, my dear friend's husband called me to let me know her condition is worsening. He didn't have to say the words. I knew exactly what he was telling me.

So as I prepare to say goodbye to somebody who's been one of the best friends of my life, I'm ironing capris to welcome a new child into the world.

In the church, at my dad's funeral, my entire family was sobbing loudly. Because there are so many of us, we made quite a noise. I got to crying so hard, I did that hiccuppy thing where your're taking in air but can't let it out and before I knew it, I had inhaled my tissue.

Seriously. Inhaled a tissue. I instantly stopped crying. My husband looked at me wide-eyed. We both blinked, then we both burst out laughing. I could see us going into the emergency room, telling the doctors I'd inhaled a tissue. I couldn't even imagine what they'd do for me. Send down a Dust Buster?

Luckily, the thing must have gone down the pipe into my tummy because I never had any ramifications from it. I didn't even cough up a fuzz ball.

I don't think God does things like that to lighten moments that are unbearably sad. I think he pairs good and bad, sad and funny, sometimes, to remind us life goes on.

Because it does.

Not always happier. Not always better. Just on.


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Have a great week.

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