Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Going to Nationals?

I only go to Nationals about every other year. It's expensive. And noisy. And buying the tapes of the workshops is sometimes easier! LOL

But that doesn't mean you can't share the fun. Lots of people will be putting things up on facebook and also twitter. Not to mention private webpages.

I won't be. I don't want to take my laptop and I don't have a fancy phone. But lots of people will be and you can still stay in touch and feel part of what's going on at Nationals by reading the blogs and tweets and facebook accounts of those who do!

Also, check out websites like Savvy Authors and Cataromance to read the workshops and articles they have available. Create your own mini-conference by reading a workshop or article or two and expanding your own writing knowledge. (There are workshops on my website and if you've already read all of those go to my ezine section in the For The Writers Among Us section and read the workshop lessons I've posted there.)

And work. While we're playing, YOU have a chance to get a week ahead of us!

Next week I will be back with some great stories about the conference, I'm sure! Or I may just once again crack the whip with some writing lessons or info, getting us all back to work after two weeks of craziness!


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