Friday, September 7, 2007

Goals ... Day 3

I got a little busy yesterday, writing a synopsis for a new book, and I forgot to Blog!

So maybe one of my new goals will be .... don't forget to blog. LOL.

Anyway, I haven't yet come up with any solid goals. Though I do know a few things about myself. First, rather than make the usual "lose weight" goal, I'd like to make a goal about eating healthier.

But a goal has to be visible, time bound -- in other words you have to know when you've accomplished it. A goal like losing 20 pounds is a good goal because you know when you've accomplished it. A goal like "eating better" or "eating healthy" isn't as good because you don't know when you've reached it.

So I wonder if I should set the goal of eating my four or five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, eating whole grain bread, eating fish and chicken. I could set a goal of only having a treat on Sundays...something like that, too.

Notice I'm not trying to totally do without sweets! But if I want to "eat healthy" I really think I have to create some specific, measurable things I can do.

The question is...can I do them for a whole year? LOL


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