Friday, September 14, 2007

Princess Diary!

It's Friday again!

Unfortunately, between working on my next book and learning that I can't pre-blog because I get all kinds of weird symbols in the text...I'm a bit behind.

Princess Tip of the Week:

This week in addition to talking about a specific tip, I thought I'd talk about anchoring yourself so that you remember to do things.

A few years ago, I bought the Facercize tapes and program. I never really got "into" the whole deal, but I did like the exercise for keeping your chin firm. It simply consisted of sucking in your lips, tipping back your head and opening and closing your mouth a hundred times so the potential turkey waddle beneath your chin got enough exercise that it never appeared.

This really worked for me. No turkey waddle here...except, it wasn't exactly easy to remember to do it.

So I searched through my schedule, looking for a few mintues of time I could "schedule" this little (short and simple) exercise in...and still I forgot it.

Until I decided to anchor it. Anchoring is something I learned from Tony Robbins (The 30-days to Personal Power guy.) Tony claims that if you want to remember to do something anchor it to something else. So for the next few weeks, every time I got into the shower I did one hundred of my chin exercises.

Now, every time I step into the shower the first thing I do is a hundred chin exercises. And guess what? I have a nice, firm neck and hope to keep it into my old age.

We remember to put on lotion after our showers. Always brush our teeth before bed. Because we've made these things habits. And we've anchored things together to create rituals so that we do the things we need to do.

Why not add a few arm curls, chin exercises, stretches into your routine?

Something special for the weekend?

Yes! My niece had a baby this week. I'm hoping to drive to Maryland to visit her and Henry Dexter. Cute name. I can't wait to meet the baby it matches.

What's on the night stand?

Believe it or not...LOL...I have a book called When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer by Jerry Sittser.

No. There's no serious unanswered prayer nagging me. But sometimes I like a book about something a little deeper than catching a serial killer or somebody saving the world. LOL

I'm a firm believer that we're only a real princess outside, if we're a princess inside. And this book by Sittser is one of my favorites for reminding me of what's really important in life.

That's it for this princess this week. I hope to get back to blogging about goals on Monday!

We shall see. Life sort of got away from me this week.



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